JAMBOX Review – The Smallest And The Best Sounding Wireless Speaker

So to procure your self a new smartphone, however, you aren’t that satisfied approximately the sounds that come from its tiny little audio system. Sure you could usually use earphones to get better sound best, but what if you want to percentage your song with others, or if you want to cast off wires? If so, then you must attempt using the JAMBOX by Jawbone.

Even even though the JAMBOX is just around 6 inches long and 2 inches thick, it could produce excellent sound first-class that competitors the larger audio system in its category. With this speaker, you may have the tune, movies, and all your mobile audio in the palm of your hand. In this JAMBOX overview, you will find out about this superb, compact wireless smart speakers and what other human beings are pronouncing approximately it.


Even even though the JAMBOX is only a compact wi-fi speaker, the sound that comes out from it’s far some distance from the compact. You can revel in clear treble and bass all way to its built-in tweeters and compact sub-woofer.

 Best Sounding Wireless Speaker

The JAMBOX is the simplest “smart” speaker, as it is able to best get better then greater you operate it. It is smart due to the fact every time you plug it into your pc or laptop, it’ll mechanically download software program updates and drivers.


  • Despite its length, the JAMBOX can pump out eighty-five decibels of sound; large energy in a compact bundle.
  • The JAMBOX has a very lengthy wi-fi range. You can truly move to a separate room and the speakers will not get disconnected.
  • At simply 6 inches lengthy and weighing a touch bit over 12 ounces, that is one of the smallest and lightest transportable speakers you may get.
  • It comes in distinct colors and cover styles.


Best Sounding Wireless Speaker

  • It is a chunk at the steeply-priced aspect. Starting at $150 each, the JAMBOX isn’t always the maximum affordable speakers out there.
  • The customer service is not a lot of help in any respect. There are a lot of JAMBOX overview articles that say Jawbone’s customer support is pretty unreachable. So if you are experiencing a problem with your JAMBOX, then you definitely ought to just deliver it to the nearest provider center yourself.

Should You Get It?

If you are searching out a portable wireless speaker that still provides exceptional sound, then the JAMBOX is the one for you. If you can spare a piece greater exchange, then the JAMBOX will truly no longer disappoint you. As you could see from this JAMBOX evaluation, the pros genuinely outweigh the cons, making the JAMBOX a super purchase.