ERP Comparison of SAP B1 and MS Navision

Sap B1 and MS Navision ERP software come with a decrease price of ownership and facility of customization consistent with the user’s wishes. Both of those ERP applications consciousness on mid-size corporations. These ERP applications also come with upload on equipment to beautify there operating.

Sap B1 has 14 modules protecting all the factors of a mid-sized agency. The management module of Sap B1 carries options to configure the application and issue the rights to get right of entry to different customers. Apart from this module there may be monetary module to perform finance associated and accounting activities, income opportunity module in which details of existing or feasible clients is maintained, business associate module for retaining info of carriers, clients and leads, income module, purchase module, banking, stock, human useful resource, production, MRP and Service modules for engaging in related sports.

ERP Comparison of SAP B1 and MS Navision

E-commerce module lets in the customers to sell and purchase their merchandise online and provide their corporation 24 hrs on-line running benefits. Web CRM module offers the ability to salespeople to have interaction with existing and possible customers and additionally to submit details related to help given to a current client. Reporting module of Sap B1 includes pre-described and person-defined reports where customer can even design the reports in the format most suitable for him to understand.

Sap B1 additionally comes with extra upload on gear at no extra cost like constant property synchronization with MS outlook or XL reporter. Sap B1 works on the current 2 tier structure and has an incredibly clean consumer interface. Data get right of entry to security, the configuration of look-up windows, controlling the display of statistics in transaction screens are extraordinarily clean to do with no IT skills.

MS Navision also comes loaded with options covering all the areas of a midsize and small employer with customization, upload on gear and assist modules. MS Navision contains modules like economic module with options of the fashionable ledger, human useful resource account payable and receivables, cash ledger, fixed belongings, consolidation, budgeting, and reporting and project management. The distribution module contains inventory control, returns, pricing for income and purchase, warehouse control, order processing, stock costing, cargo and transport, and automatic data seize machine. The manufacturing module comes with centers to perform activities like manufacturing orders, supply making plans, bill of cloth, call for forecasting, capability requirements making plans, and production fees.

ERP Comparison of SAP B1 and MS Navision

CRM has the ability to touch, campaign, undertaking, file and possibility control with interaction log, touch class, and outlook purchaser integration. E-business answers provide commercial portal and commerce gateway, trade portal gives a platform for clients, vendors, and partners to self-service even as commerce gateway is to perform a transaction inside the software.

MS Navision comes with upload on tools and Nav utilities to support existing modules and alternatives for better capability. MS Navision too has smooth to apply interface like Sap B1 with an extra facility of hiding, doing away with greater fields from the monitors that are irrelevant for any consumer. MS Navision provides role-tailored or role centers where a person receives equipment and function which are required through him and other centers are hidden to keep away from confusion and quick understanding. This facility is an advantage with MS Navision in assessment to Sap B1. Better integration with other Microsoft equipment like Excel and office also makes it clean to use through people with minimal IT abilities.