An Internet Speed Test Will Let You Know Just How Fast Your Service Is

UK broadband clients are getting not exactly a large portion of the broadband speed they anticipate. In this unique report, we give a target examination of broadband speeds and demonstrate the best 5 quickest suppliers for April 2008.

Amid April 2008, clients ran 8,766-speed tests crosswise over 15 of the best known UK broadband suppliers.

Speedtest internet service under magnifying glass

Results Summary

Normal download speed overall suppliers are 3.62Mbps (Meg).

Normal transfer speed overall suppliers are 445Kbps.

Quickest normal download speeds (9.19 Meg) were from Be Unlimited.

Slowest normal download speeds (1.08 Meg) were from Demon.

The most tried supplier is Virgin Media.

The Top 5 Fastest Providers

In view of midpoints taken from client speed tests, the outcomes are as per the following:-

Be Unlimited – 9.19 Meg.

O2 Broadband – 6.5 Meg.

Virgin Media(Cable and non cabled items consolidated) – 4.89 Meg.

Sky Broadband – 4.31 Meg.

Zen Internet – 3.55 Meg.


There are some intriguing issues raised from the outcomes.

Right off the bat, there is a wide hole between the slowest (Demon at 1.08 Meg) and quickest (Be Unlimited at 9.19 Meg). The two suppliers furnish items with comparative estimating.

It is critical to see Virgin Media in simply third position remembering it’s ongoing publicizing efforts advancing quick “fiber optic” broadband and accelerates to 20 Meg. Unmistakably, it has the best approach to get up to speed with its next adversary (O2 Broadband) on LLU trades.

In conclusion, there are a few extensive suppliers that did not make it into the best 5. A few models are:-

TalkTalk – 3.01 Meg.

Tiscali – 2.67 Meg.

Orange – 2.21 Meg.

BT Total Broadband – 2.21 Meg.


High speed internet connection concept

Numerous expansive suppliers give broadband “up to” 8 Meg with a few guaranteeing speeds more than 20 Meg. As appeared from observational information from Broadband help speed test charter amid April 2008, most clients are no place close to these promoted velocities. The normal speed overall suppliers are simply 3.62 Meg and is not exactly a large portion of the “up to 8 Meg” cases of suppliers.

It’s undeniable from the outcomes that it pays to search around on the off chance that you need a conventional association speed. Items with comparative costs shift massively between suppliers regarding speed. We would accept that the distinctions are down to the nature of the supplier’s specialized foundation.